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Why Hire CSIA Certified Sweeps?

Now is the time to prepare your chimney system for winter. A properly maintained chimney will work safely and efficiently for you, last longer, and cost you less in repairs and heated air loss. When you schedule important appointments like your chimney sweep and inspection, you should be sure to hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep (CCS).CSIA certified

CSIA Certification and Training

It’s important to us that chimney and fire systems in our communities of Suffolk County, Long Island are maintained properly so that the frequency of accidental fires is less each year. We believe that one fire is too many, and we do our part by educating the public about chimney safety and offering important services that keep the fireplaces and chimneys in our area as safe as possible. Our professional training and CSIA certification help us to be the best and offer our customers the best chimney sweeps have to offer.

Our CSIA certification means that we spent hours in classroom and field training, completed and passed a 3-hour examination, and we are knowledgeable and experienced in diagnostics and fire safety standards nationwide. As CSIA certified sweeps we are part of a network of industry professionals that help each other and the public bring down the number of fires affecting our communities. We also adhere to a strict Code of Ethics designed to keep homeowners safe from potential scams. Any CSIA member found in violation of this code can have their credentials revoked. In addition to initial certification, we also re-certify as CSIA certified chimney sweeps every three years either by re-examination or continuing education credits. This means our education never stops because this industry never stops changing. Technologies and advancements in diagnostics, repairs, and products mean that we have to continuously learn our trade.

Choosing the Right Professional

When you’re searching for the right chimney professional to get your chimney in shape for fall, look no further than the experts at Chief Chimney Services. We service a wide swath of Long Island zip codes and if you’re not in our service area we will try our best to find someone to service your system. Our priority is safety and comfort this season, and maintenance now means safety later. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFP), the safest and most efficient chimney systems are those that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. If your system hasn’t been serviced yet and you’re looking to use it this fall, call Chief Chimney Services today. We offer routine preventative services, inspections, repairs, installations, and general diagnostics.

If you own or rent in the Suffolk County area, you can reach a chimney and fire expert at 631-863-2460 or make an appointment online.

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Bellfire and Rumford Chimney Installations

Chief Chimney Services doesn’t stop at chimney care and maintenance. We also install chimneys with expert care and professionalism! Specifically, we specialize in installing the brands we sell and the brands we love—Rumford and Bellfire.

Expert Chimney InstallationChimney being serviced by man on roof

Not all chimneys are constructed of brick and mortar and not all stoves have a stovepipe like something you would imagine from a Little House on the Prairie episode. It’s important to hire only a certified professional to complete chimney installations. We at Chief Chimney Services take care to learn the ins and outs of installation, care, and maintenance, as well as federal, state, and community fire safety codes. When you hire Chief Chimney Services for your install, you can rest assured your system will be ready for use when you need it this fall.

  • Rumford Fireplace Installation – The fireplace is usually the focal point of any space, but the Rumford Fireplace is even more stately and beautiful than others. These units are specially designed with radiant heat in mind and should be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications for long life and proper use. They fit nicely in modern homes due to their large, open-hearth designs. When you choose a Rumford fireplace, your fire will be less smoky because the deep firebox and streamlined throat design directs the smoke directly up the flue. A professional installation means a flue that is sized exactly for your fire’s capacity and drafting issues will be a thing of the past.
  • Bellfire Fireplace Installation – Designed in the same way as Rumford fireplaces, Bellfires are constructed in pre-cast pieces and allow for an easier, quicker, and less labor-intensive installation which means less money on the part of the homeowner. The Rumford design which utilizes angles to reflect heat into the room from the back of the fireplace is accomplished with ceramic, lined in foil. This protects combustibles in the home and helps the fire burn completely, raising efficiency and safety. These fireplaces are so efficient that the flue doesn’t have to be as large, so installation is easier and more cost-efficient.

These fireplaces are larger than life, but while the design itself uses a large fireplace opening for optimum heating, you can still have a Bellfire fireplace no matter the size of your space. We can even install a Bellfire fireplace into an existing masonry or metal firebox. If you’re looking to upgrade your old fireplace for efficiency, ask one of our professionals about a Bellfire fireplace today.

Chief Chimney Services specializes in historic homes and chimneys, and Rumford and Bellfire fireplaces are beautiful in any historic home in our area. Not only that but if your historic fireplace is not in great shape, we can install a Bellfire in your damaged fireplace, restoring it to safe and proper function. Our technicians are CSIA certified and ready to take your call.

As summer turns to fall, we love to bring fire into the homes of our customers and friends. Call us today at 631-863-2460 or contact us online.

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Fire Investigation Services

It isn’t just old chimneys that need routine care! In our historic region of New England, we specialize in historic chimneys for good reason. In order to provide the best services for all of our customers, we offer chimney and fireplace consultation services in addition to a full selection of chimney care and maintenance.

Chief Chimney, Service for Decades fire

With over 30 years of experience, our team at Chief Chimney Services continues to be the choice for our friends and neighbors in and around Suffolk County New York. Our collective experience combined with our thorough training, examinations, and credentials make us the best. Our team can help troubleshoot and diagnose problems with your chimney and fireplace system that have been present but overlooked for years. We take care of chimneys from top to bottom and can sweep and inspect your chimney system year-round.

Fire Investigation When Disaster Strikes

Having a professional investigate the cause of your fire may be the furthest thing from your mind when you have a chimney-related fire. However, this is an important service that we provide for our existing customers and new ones alike. Scheduling fire investigation services after a chimney fire can help you better handle your insurance company and attorney and offer advice when a very stressful situation can often cloud judgment. During a fire investigation, our technician will determine the definitive cause of the fire. This type of service is often called an origin and cause investigation. It takes place after a fire is extinguished, and can’t be completed by just anyone.

The Process of Fire Investigation

First, a fire occurs. Many flue fires may go out on their own due to lack of fuel or oxygen. About 15 percent of reported house fires are a result of heating appliances, and these are the types of fires we want to help you understand better. After a fire is extinguished, an investigator determines first if the fire is the result of a crime. Then, the investigator looks at the remains after a fire to reconstruct the events which led up to the fire. Through this process, a fire investigator can determine the origin of the fire (location, appliance, etc.) and the cause (damage, misuse, etc.). In most cases, house fires are preventable.

NFPA’s Top Ten Preventable Causes of U.S. House Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are ten preventable causes of most U.S. house fires. While we can’t help you with all of these, we want you to be aware!

  • Cooking
  • Kids playing with fire
  • Smoking
  • Heating
  • Electrical
  • Candles
  • Fireplace
  • Dryers
  • Flammable products
  • Christmas trees

When it comes to house fires, you can prevent them and we want to help. While we offer fire investigation services, we would much rather meet you—and your chimney—before an accidental fire occurs!

If you reside in the Suffolk County area and own or rent a home with a chimney system, we can help to prevent devastating accidental fires by completing routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections. These important appointments keep chimney and fireplace systems efficient, safe, and long-lasting.

Schedule a chimney sweep or inspection today. Call our office at 631-863-2460 to meet one of our experts and plan a consultation or investigation today.

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Common Causes of Chimney Leaks

So you think you have a chimney leak? You may see a leak—in your fireplace itself or in another part of the house. You may hear dripping in an unseen portion of your chimney. Perhaps you haven’t found any evidence of a leak at all but smell musty odors coming from your fireplace this summer. You’re right! These are all indications that you have a chimney leak, but what has caused it? Where is the water coming from?

You may be tempted to call a roofer or general contractor when you suspect a leak in the house, but when you own a home with a chimney system, call the chimney expert first. Your chimney leak is more than likely the cause of your house leak. We’ll help you figure out what’s causing the chimney leak.

Diagnosing a Chimney Leak

chimneys on roofsWe get calls about chimney leaks year-round, but none more than the spring and summer. During this time of year, when the fireplace is out of use, homeowners notice things they usually don’t. When you notice something is “off” about your chimney and suspect a leak, it’s time to call in the chimney professionals. At Chief Chimney Services, we can diagnose a leaky chimney in one appointment, usually without tools and without fuss.


The first thing we check when diagnosing a leaky chimney is the flashing because it is the most common cause of chimney leaks. The flashing is made up of many thin sheets of metal that are placed strategically around the base of the chimney. The intersection of the roof and chimney is the most vulnerable part of the system. If the flashing isn’t installed properly, there is no way to prevent a chimney leak.

It’s important to have your flashing installed by a chimney professional. Can a general contractor or roofer install flashing properly? We hope so, but we can’t guarantee it. Chimney experts are extensively trained and experienced in flashing installation. We install flashing properly and leave no exposed nails. It requires no sealant or roofing tar of any kind.


The chimney crown can become damaged over time due to weather and sun exposure. Unfortunately, crowns often become damaged prematurely when they aren’t constructed properly. Our team at Chief Chimney Services can repair a damaged crown with a special industrial product designed to close gaps and cracks and restore the surface of the crown completely. For severe crown damage, we can construct a new crown to proper specifications for the best protection.

Chimney Cap

Another common cause of chimney leaks is the chimney cap. It could be damaged or missing, and water is allowed directly into the flue opening. We sell and install quality caps to protect your chimney system from water and animal intrusion. If you want complete protection, especially during the offseason, you can opt for a top-sealing damper instead of a cap. This damper closes with an airtight seal and protects your flue like nothing before.

If you have a chimney leak, it’s one of three things: the flashing, the crown, or the cap. In some cases, masonry damage may lead to a leak, and we can help determine if that is the case when you schedule with us.

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Save Energy & Money with an Energy Top Damper

Every year, homeowners look for ways to cut costs, save money, and improve the look of the bottom line. You might look to improve the value of your property, maybe refinance for a lower interest rate. Maybe all you want is a cheaper electricity bill. No matter what your goal is, we can help. Your chimney and fireplace system can save you money, and the solution is simpler than you could guess.

Throat Dampers

diagram of a homeMost masonry chimneys have a throat damper installed at the base of the flue. These dampers control airflow while a fire is burning in the firebox, but they do nothing against drafts. Because of the material, it’s made of (metal) and its location (the throat of the chimney), the throat damper is susceptible to damage including rust and corrosion over time. Instead of replacing your damaged throat damper with another one like it, consider a top seal damper—one that lasts longer and saves you money!

Top Seal Damper

The top seal damper is also called an energy top damper because of the incredible money it saves for homeowners. We recommend it to everyone because of the many benefits it offers.

  • Airtight seal – The top seal damper closes with an airtight seal, which prevents water from entering the flue at all. This is the most protection that you can possibly give your chimney. The airtight seal not only prevents water damage, but it also stops air loss that wastes energy and money. As soon as you install an energy top damper, you will start to save up to 75 percent on your utilities year-round. Your conditioned air will not escape during the summer and your heated air will not be wasted during the winter.
  • Chimney cap – Your energy top damper doubles as a chimney cap, with a metal mesh that prevents animal intrusion and extinguishes sparks. Acting as a chimney cap, the energy top damper will also keep all types of precipitation out of the chimney flue.
  • Easy installation and use – The energy top damper is as easy to install as a standard chimney cap and just as easy to use as a throat damper. The damper is engaged by a cord that reaches from the damper to the hearth opening. When the fire is completely out, the damper can be closed to protect the chimney completely. Closing the damper while a fire is still smoldering can be very dangerous. Make sure to follow fire safety precautions at all times.

Invest in Energy Top Damper

When it’s time to replace your old, worn-out throat damper, call Chief Chimney Services for the best products and services. We recommend an energy top dampers for the best care of your chimneys. They save you money and help your chimney to last a lifetime. Invest in an energy top damper now and you can save money in repairs and services later. Call 631-863-2460 to schedule an appointment with Chief Chimney Services. Ask one of our experts about energy top dampers today!

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Now’s the Time for a Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that one of the most dangerous fire hazards in your home is not the kitchen stove, the furnace, or the fireplace? The most dangerous hazard in your home is your clothes dryer! It is one of the most dangerous systems in your house because it is often overlooked.

If you hire a cleaning service, the housekeeper will only clean readily accessible parts of your house. If you hire a repairman for your clothes dryer, he may work on your unit and never give your dryer vent a second thought. The dryer vent is actually where the damage lies! Your clothes dryer vent is how the unit vents out excess heat and lint. Over time, this ductwork can get clogged with lint and eventually obstruct airflow. This is a dangerous hazard to any home with a clothes dryer, and you should schedule a dryer vent cleaning to avoid dangers.

Clothes Dryer Fires

dryer unitIn the U.S., over 50 percent of homes have a clothes dryer. However, only a handful of homeowners will have a professional installation and cleaning for their clothes dryer vents. Each year, there are nearly 3,000 home clothes dryer fires reported, resulting in about 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. However, these fires are preventable.

Thirty-four percent of these fires are because of the failure to clean the dryer unit, which means 1/3, or about 1,000, of these annual fires, are completely preventable. At Chief Chimney Services, we agree that even one accidental fire is one too many. Since clothes dryer fires peak in January, we’re determined to reach as many customers as possible this summer. We want to clean out dryer vents throughout our service area to keep homeowners and their families safe.

Signs You Need a Dryer Vent Cleaning

When your dryer isn’t working as well as it once did, it’s time to schedule a dryer vent cleaning. Many homeowners repeat a cycle until the clothes are dry and think nothing of it, chalking it up to an old unit. This is a dangerous assumption! According to professionals, if your clothes dryer takes more than a normal cycle to dry a load and it’s less than 5 years old, it likely has a clog. If you have had your clothes dryer for more than a year, if you’re not sure how old it is or how long you’ve used it, or if it takes more than one cycle to work, it’s time to schedule a cleaning. Some other reasons to schedule a cleaning include:

  • Lint and condensation cover surfaces in your laundry room or home
  • The termination hood is clogged with lint or doesn’t work properly
  • The lint trap is periodically empty of lint
  • The dryer unit or the clothes themselves are excessively hot to the touch
  • Running the dryer creates heat in your home

Running a dryer with clogged vents is costing you money. It costs more to cool your home, costs more to run multiple cycles, and it shortens the life of your unit. Don’t put your family at risk or waste your money any longer! Call Chief Chimney Services today or schedule online.

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Now’s the Time for a Chimney Sweep

During burn season, we periodically get calls for inspections and sweeps due to problems with their chimney systems. However, in general, homeowners should get these services done during the off-season. There are a few reasons it is best to schedule inspections and sweeps in spring and summer.

First, by scheduling in the spring, you are able to clean away all the debris, soot, and creosote from the previous winter. Second, you are able to get these services without interrupting the use of your fireplace. Third, by scheduling during the off-season, you’re able to miss the “fall rush”.  This is the time between October and January when the chimney sweep companies are booked full with installations and repairs.

Benefits of a Chimney Sweep

old house with flowers and plants The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both agree that chimneys need annual inspection and regular cleanings to remain safe and efficient. A clean chimney will not stink as summer humidity and air pressure pushes through the chimney. Clean chimneys are better prepared and ready for fires in the fall.

When creosote and soot are regularly removed from the system, there will be less buildup, less malfunction, and cleanings are also easier and cheaper. Since your clean chimney will work more efficiently, your sweep will prevent damage in the future. In short, chimney sweeps prevent fires, prevent damage, and save you money. There’s no reason not to schedule yours today!

Beat the Fall Rush

During the fall and first part of winter, chimney sweep companies are busy with emergency calls, installations, and repairs. It is often difficult for homeowners to get on the schedule for routine maintenance. If you wait until the fall to schedule your sweep or inspection, you may not be able to get the appointment time you’d like or the technician you trust. You may even have to postpone using your fireplace until you get the repairs and maintenance the fireplace needs.

Additionally, if you wait until fall to schedule your chimney sweep or inspection and a hazard is identified, you may not have the time or money to repair it before you need your fireplace. Ensure your chimney is safe and clean before you need it! Schedule your services now!

Chief Chimney Services Clean Suffolk Co Chimneys

Residents and homeowners of Suffolk County, you are in luck. At Chief Chimney Services, we clean wood-burning, oil, and gas fireplaces and appliances. During a sweeping, you can count on our utmost professionalism and care. Our technician will come into the home and use drop clothes and a vacuum system to contain the mess. We will clean the system from top to bottom while paying attention to the overall safety and checking for obstructions and hazards.

After your appointment, you will get a report if your technician found anything amiss, and a repair plan or schedule an inspection if necessary. If there are no problems with your system, then it is ready for use this fall! If you’re ready to schedule your summer chimney sweep so that you’re ready for fall, schedule with Chief online today!

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Buying or Selling a Home? You Need a Level Two Inspection

There is a lot that goes into owning a home with a chimney. Homeowners desire the comfort and convenience of a crackling fire and enjoy the benefits of having supplemental heat. If you’re selling or seeking a new house with a fireplace, think of it as an asset and risk. Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have the chimney inspected.

Chimney Inspections

home with for sale sign
Chimney inspections are offered in three levels of thoroughness according to need. A level one inspection is required annually in order to ensure safety when the system hasn’t been changed and hasn’t presented any noticeable problems. Level three inspections are thorough and somewhat invasive diagnostic inspection required when a hazard is suspected. A level two inspection is required on several occasions; when changes have been made to the system, when natural occurrences have affected the system, when a fire has occurred in the system, or when the property is sold or transferred. Make sure you have a level two chimney inspection before the sale is final!

Home Inspections V. Chimney Inspections

During the home buying/home selling process, the buyer is presented with the opportunity to schedule a home inspection to ensure the value of the property following a financial offer and before closing. The whole process has a rigid schedule, and there may be only a small window of opportunity to schedule this inspection. While scheduling it, make sure you also schedule a chimney inspection. A level two inspection will offer a detailed report highlighting hazards, damage, and recommended repairs for the buyer or for the seller’s disclosure report. Your home inspector will assess the general soundness of the chimney, but a chimney professional will assess the interior and exterior of the chimney during a level two inspection. This assessment includes all accessible portions of the chimney, including basement, attic, or crawlspaces. It even includes video surveillance, providing a look at the hidden portions of the system.

Common Level Two Findings

We complete level two inspections regularly at Chief Chimney Services. This inspection helps us to identify common wear and tear as well as serious damage that might have otherwise continued unseen. With video surveillance, we are able to diagnose liner issues, creosote buildup, water damage and more. When you schedule a chimney inspection with Chief Chimney Services, it includes a basic chimney sweep for good measure. Don’t leave your chimney up to chance; leave it up to the professionals.

Call 631-863-2460 or schedule online to have your level two inspection completed today.

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What is Glazed Creosote?

Your chimney system works all season long to vent the fires that heat your home. The chimney system endures high temperatures and corrosive materials that coat the inside. If you burn wood in your fireplace, your fire produces more than just smoke and soot, but also creosote. This material is made of mostly tar that can become quite the problem if not routinely removed from the chimney.

What is Creosote

masonry chimney with blue sky backgroundCreosote is produced when organic materials such as wood are burned inside the fireplace. Burning unseasoned wood that often burns incompletely will contribute to even more creosote buildup. Creosote itself is as harmless as soot when removed from the chimney on a regular basis. However, when the fire is smoldered and improper wood is burned continuously, or the chimney system isn’t cleaned regularly, the creosote can become a problem.

The Problem with Creosote

Because creosote is sticky in nature, it builds up easily inside the chimney system. During the offseason, it may not do anything but cause nasty odors in the fireplace opening. During burn season, creosote can become quite dangerous. As the material builds on itself, it can obstruct the chimney flue, slowing the airflow and cause even more creosote to deposit.

As the air slows, the heated air in the chimney heats up the creosote, causing the water inside to vaporize and the material to transform. What’s left when the creosote cools is a hardened glazed mass that is made up mostly of condensed fuel (tar). This brittle material is highly flammable and very difficult to remove.

Removing Glazed Creosote

Regular creosote can be removed from the chimney system in the same way as soot and ash, with brushes and a vacuuming system. Glazed creosote is more difficult to remove. Many amateurs attempt to remove glazed creosote with chisels, chains, and heavy-duty tools—all of these things can damage the lining of the chimney. At Chief Chimney Services, we remove glazed creosote by using an industrial creosote remover that is sprayed or brushed onto the material. As it absorbs the remover, the creosote flakes away and can be brushed off and vacuumed out of the system.

You Can Prevent Glazed Creosote

  1. Schedule routine services such as sweeps and inspections. You may not notice a creosote buildup, but your chimney professional will. We will clean it out of the system, and troubleshoot with you to determine the cause.
  2. Burn only properly seasoned wood in your fireplace. Avoid burning paper, trash, clothing, or any other material that is NOT wood. The wood-burning fireplace is designed to only burn wood and vent smoke produced by wood fires.
  3. Let your fire burn and avoid smoldering hot coals. Smoldering causes wood to burn incompletely, contributing to more creosote buildup.

In order to use your fireplace more efficiently, ask the professionals for recommendations to avoid creosote buildup. When you schedule your service with Chief Chimney Services, you will have the benefit of an expert in the home. Call Chief Chimney Services today at 631-863-2460.

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We Sell Chief Chimney Collectibles

Not only do chimney sweeps often conjure images of Mary Poppins and a certain melody (“chim-chim-cheree”), but around the globeChief Chimney Collectibles Image - Suffolk NY - Chief Chimney chimney sweeps are thought to bring good luck. Not only is it good luck to shake the hand of a chimney sweep on the street, but it’s even considered good luck if you brush shoulders with one, rub the front buttons of his uniforms, or invite him to your wedding to shake the groom’s hand and kiss the bride! Today you can rent a chimney sweep for the day for your wedding or celebration, bringing a bit of extra luck and good cheer to the occasion. It is rumored that Prince Philip dashed out of Kensington Palace on his wedding day to shake the hand of a chimney sweep. You can even read a royal decree by King George stating that chimney sweeps bring good fortune for the marriage. No matter the occasion or festivity, it’s important that sweeps look the part.

Chief Chimney Collectibles

Because chimney sweeps in the United States have never had an official uniform across the industry, we have created one! Now our sweeps and others can attend weddings, graduations, fairs, banquets, and more when called, and they can do it in style.

The American chimney sweep uniform features the following:

-A black uniform jacket or shirt with gold American buttons and the nation’s flag on the left upper arm.

-Optional NCSG, CSIA, and/or state flags

-American Sweeps scarf/neckerchief

-American Sweeps buckle or optional NCSG/CSIA buckle

Because wedding season is typically warmer as well as fairs and festivals, we offer a short-sleeved uniform shirt as well as a long sleeved for use during the cool season. Because we are working people, we also offer work vests with multiple pockets and the American flag over the left chest. No matter what’s the occasion, your chimney sweeps can show up to local events in style. Visit our Chief Chimney Collectibles page now for inspiration and information.

Community Involvement and Good Luck

When chimney sweeps do not get involved in the community, not only does the community miss out on the luck of the chimney sweep, but the message of chimney safety not get out and circulated. It is our goal to spread awareness and offer services year-round and in whatever way possible so that residential fires can be prevented. Though we may have fun doing our jobs and spreading the luck, our top goal is safety, followed by customer comfort always. If you aren’t 100 percent certain that your chimney is in good shape for a fire this fall and winter, call us now. You might get lucky and we may only find minor problems or none at all, but ignoring the need for professional services is no option!

Help us spread the luck of the chimney sweep. Let your friends and neighbors know that Chief Chimney Services is serving Suffolk County, Long Island. We’ll service your chimneys, visit your schools for National Fire Prevention Week, we’ll even attend your weddings.

Call Chief Chimney Services at 631-863-2460 or schedule online today.

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