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Bellfire and Rumford Chimney Installations

Chief Chimney Services doesn’t stop at chimney care and maintenance. We also install chimneys with expert care and professionalism! Specifically, we specialize in installing the brands we sell and the brands we love—Rumford and Bellfire.

Expert Chimney InstallationChimney being serviced by man on roof

Not all chimneys are constructed of brick and mortar and not all stoves have a stovepipe like something you would imagine from a Little House on the Prairie episode. It’s important to hire only a certified professional to complete chimney installations. We at Chief Chimney Services take care to learn the ins and outs of installation, care, and maintenance, as well as federal, state, and community fire safety codes. When you hire Chief Chimney Services for your install, you can rest assured your system will be ready for use when you need it this fall.

  • Rumford Fireplace Installation – The fireplace is usually the focal point of any space, but the Rumford Fireplace is even more stately and beautiful than others. These units are specially designed with radiant heat in mind and should be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications for long life and proper use. They fit nicely in modern homes due to their large, open-hearth designs. When you choose a Rumford fireplace, your fire will be less smoky because the deep firebox and streamlined throat design directs the smoke directly up the flue. A professional installation means a flue that is sized exactly for your fire’s capacity and drafting issues will be a thing of the past.
  • Bellfire Fireplace Installation – Designed in the same way as Rumford fireplaces, Bellfires are constructed in pre-cast pieces and allow for an easier, quicker, and less labor-intensive installation which means less money on the part of the homeowner. The Rumford design which utilizes angles to reflect heat into the room from the back of the fireplace is accomplished with ceramic, lined in foil. This protects combustibles in the home and helps the fire burn completely, raising efficiency and safety. These fireplaces are so efficient that the flue doesn’t have to be as large, so installation is easier and more cost-efficient.

These fireplaces are larger than life, but while the design itself uses a large fireplace opening for optimum heating, you can still have a Bellfire fireplace no matter the size of your space. We can even install a Bellfire fireplace into an existing masonry or metal firebox. If you’re looking to upgrade your old fireplace for efficiency, ask one of our professionals about a Bellfire fireplace today.

Chief Chimney Services specializes in historic homes and chimneys, and Rumford and Bellfire fireplaces are beautiful in any historic home in our area. Not only that but if your historic fireplace is not in great shape, we can install a Bellfire in your damaged fireplace, restoring it to safe and proper function. Our technicians are CSIA certified and ready to take your call.

As summer turns to fall, we love to bring fire into the homes of our customers and friends. Call us today at 631-863-2460 or contact us online.

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