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Chimney Tuckpointing

When the weather warms and it’s time to close out your chimney for the off-season, you should have your system inspected in order to repair any winter damage. Even minor winter damage can lead to water damage after a wet spring, and water damage can lead to substantial costs in the future. This spring, let a certified professional repair your masonry before it leads to a structural problem. The most common type of masonry repair is tuckpointing and it should only be done by a professional.The Process of Chimney Tuckpointing - Suffolk NY - Chief Chimney Services

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is literally tucking mortar into the spaces left behind when mortar cracks and falls out of the masonry. This type of damage can occur over time or due to serious water damage or natural disasters. The structural integrity of the chimney depends on the masonry–the bricks and mortar together–to keep it standing and working properly. When the mortar falls out of the cracks, bricks can begin to fall, leaving holes to allow water inside, and become a hazard as pieces fall to the roof and ground below.

A certified chimney sweep should be able to repair this damage, called spalling. At Chief Chimney Services our technicians specialize in masonry repair, and we’re proud to offer tuckpointing services. All of our sweeps are experts at matching the color, strength, and consistency of the existing mortar with the new. If the mortar is different in strength or consistency it can weaken the integrity of the masonry. By matching the color perfectly, you won’t be able to tell that a repair was even done, except your chimney will be fully restored. Many homeowners schedule tuckpointing services before a refinance or home sale because it restores the chimney to it’s original beauty as well as function.

When Does My Chimney Need It?

Your chimney sweep will tell you if your masonry needs to be repaired, but some obvious indicators include: chipping, flaking, cracking, and falling mortar and bricks. Spring is the best time for these services because the weather is mild and your masonry will be repaired and ready for burn season. There are other benefits to tuckpointing as well:

  • Provides structural security to the chimney
  • Restores beauty to the structure
  • Waterproofs your chimney
  • A simple, cost-effective repair
  • Prolongs the integrity of your chimney while preventing major repairs

You can enjoy your summer without dwelling on masonry repairs and possible chimney leak. When a masonry expert from Chief Chimney Services repairs your chimney, you can rest assured it’s been done correctly and your chimney and fireplace is ready for your first fire in the fall.

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