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Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned with Chief Chimney Services

Did you know your clothes dryer may be the most dangerous thing in your house? Most homeowners don’t give the clothes dryer a second thought after the purchase, delivery, and installation. The dryer should be serviced annually in order to work properly and to run without threatening a fire. Many homeowners don’t even realize that the dryer should also be professionally installed in order to comply with municipal safety codes and to vent properly. Improper ventilation can cause your dryer to work harder and need to be replaced and serviced more often. The best thing you can do is to have it professionally installed, and have it cleaned at the first sign of a problem.

Signs of a Dirty Dryer Vent
Your dryer will give you signs of a problem before you experience a fire or other malfunction. The most noticeable sign, and possibly the most overlooked, is the dryer that requires more than one cycle to complete the job. Many homeowners chock up the multiple cycles to a worn out unit, but manufacturers say this problem in a dryer that is less than five years old has a clog.
Other signs include:
-The dryer is too hot to the touch
-Moisture and lint fills your laundry room and covers surfaces
-Very little lint is left on the lint trap
-There is no lint or air moving out of the outlet

If you see signs of a dirty dryer vent, it’s important to have it taken care of quickly. The clean and efficient dryer vent will begin saving you money immediately. When you run two to three cycles to dry one load of clothes, you use two to three times more electricity AND shorten the life of your unit by two to three times! These costs add up quickly, but can be stopped in their tracks.

Call Chief Chimney Services
At Chief Chimney Services we strive for excellence and safety with all of our services and all of our calls. That’s why we continue to offer dryer vent services when many homeowners view this task as a DIY weekend job. In our 30 years serving the Suffolk County area, we’ve cleaned countless clothes dryer vents because we know the most important thing–the safest clothes dryers are those that are professionally installed and professionally serviced. We know that in order to be safe, your dryer vent must have the following:
Ducts less than 4” in diameter
Total length of ductwork less than 25 feet
Independent of all other systems
A termination hood that prevents backdrafts
Transitional ducts and flexible ducts

Did you know that your dryer can cause your home to be outside of code compliance? Did you know that you can schedule a dryer vent installation with a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (C-DET) from Chief Chimney Services, and your dryer will work properly and efficiently from the get-go.

Call Chief Chimney Services for your dryer vent cleaning and we’ll bring to your home all of the professionalism and expertise we’ve gained over more than three decades of work in our community.

Contact us online [https://chiefchimney.com/contact-us/] or call 631-863-2460.

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