Is Your Dryer Vent Putting Your Home at Risk?

Everyone knows the importance of cleaning the lint trap of your dryer before each load of laundry, but what about the importance of dryer vent cleaning? It’s easy to see the lint and hair that builds up in your lint trap, but what you may not see so easily is the same lint, hair, and debris that builds up inside the dryer vent. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should “Have a qualified service person clean the interior of the dryer chassis periodically to minimize the amount of lint accumulation.” Keeping your dryer vent clean and clear of this debris is vitally important for your dryer’s efficiency as well as your home’s safety. Neglecting to do so is not only a threat to your wallet but to your life as well. Is Your Dryer Vent Putting Your Home at Risk - Smithtown, NY - Chief Chimney Services

Beyond just cleaning your dryer vent, a professional can also help identify and prevent:

Animal Nests

Especially during colder months, some animals will try to seek shelter in your dryer vent system. This causes air flow issues, as animals such as birds leave behind flammable debris that can be ignited by the dryer’s heat. Animal nesting can also damage dryer ducts, which can lead to overheating and inefficiency.

Leaky Ducts

During a dryer vent cleaning and inspection, it’s important to check for damage or leaks in the ducts. Especially if your ducts are only sealed with duct tape, which can easily wear with the presence of heat and moisture.

Carbon Monoxide

According to the CSIA, the Chimney Safety Institute of America, “If a gas clothes dryer is improperly vented or the exhaust duct itself is blocked by lint or debris, carbon monoxide can be forced back into your living space.” If your dryer vent is not clear, then your dryer and home are not receiving proper air ventilation. Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect without equipment, and can cause serious health problems such as brain damage, organ damage, or even death before it is discovered. By annually checking your dryer vent system and installing a carbon monoxide detector nearby, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home is greatly reduced.
Although the issues above are serious, regular cleanings and inspections can help prevent them before becoming fire hazards. Without an annual professional cleaning and inspection, though, these issues can go unnoticed and cause inefficiency and fire risks to your home.
Chief Chimney Services, Inc. technicians use high-quality brushes and an incredibly-high-powered vacuum to clean your dryer vent system from start to finish. Lint and debris is loosened and immediately vacuumed up by a high-intake vacuum cleaner, guaranteeing a dust- and mess-free job. We will also check for any damages, leaks, obstructions, or air flow problems. With a Chief Chimney Services, Inc. technician, you will have a safe and efficient dryer vent system in no time!


To schedule your dryer vent system cleaning, call Chief Chimney Services, Inc. today!


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