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HeatShield Cerfractory Surfacing

Sometimes, following an annual chimney inspection you receive bad news. When you have bad news about your chimney liner, we may have good news for you! If your liner is worn, cracked, or otherwise damaged, don’t assume you have to replace it completely. When you choose a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) who is trained in the HeatShield® system you can end up with a functional, and smooth liner. The chimney diagnosis may be bad news, but the good news is you can get back to home heating in no time. Your chimney sweep can restore your liner to safe operation without replacing it.

HeatShield Cerfractory Surfacing - Suffolk NY - Chief Chimney ServicesCerfractory Surfacing

Flue liners become damaged due to regular use over time. Heat and moisture can deteriorate the flue liner over time, especially a clay liner. While it’s recommended to replace a badly damaged liner with a stainless steel liner that works across fuel-types, a cerfractory sealant can restore a clay liner the same way a new stainless steel liner can. In fact, cerfractory sealant is a combination of refractory (fire resistant) and ceramic materials that creates a finished product that is long-lasting, and works with all fuel types, without having to replace the liner.

Why Choose HeatShield?

Resurfacing provides the same result of relining, is less work, and costs less. This product resurfaces broken, cracked, and crumbling tile without replacing it. In addition, it provides the same long-lasting result. Depending on the chimney sweep company, removing a tile liner and replacing can be a costly undertaking. It takes time. Plus, the chimney is out of use during this repair. Removing clay tiles can also damage masonry depending on the way it was installed, and how long it has been in the chimney.

HeatShield is a great option if there is minor damage to the flue liner. If there are cracks, holes, and flaking, you do not want to continue to use the liner. It is a fire hazard and can lead to more extensive damage as well as flue fire, costly repairs, and insurance claims. Replacing the liner is not necessary, though. Restore your liner back to safe use by choosing HeatShield. Restoring it to full function is the goal of the engineers who formulated this product. It’s heat resistant up to 2900 F, comparable to a stainless steel liner, and lasts longer than similar products in the industry.

Chief Chimney Services Offers HeatShield Cerfractory Resurfacing

HeatShield stands alone in an industry full of similar products. It has been studied, tested, and perfected for twenty years. It gets its name from its promise: Heat Shield. The company has accomplished this through a combination of heat resistant material with ceramic compounds to create this cerfractory sealant effective up to 2900 F! HeatShield trains and certifies it’s independent installers, is “eco friendly”, and is covered by a 20 years warranty! This product truly is comparable to a new stainless steel flue liner. Really, what reason is there not to choose HeatShield?

Chief Chimney Services is available to resurface your flue liner with HeatShield today. We strive to offer the best services in the Suffolk County area and to keep all of our customers safe and warm this winter season. Ask us about HeatShield cerfractory resurfacing today.

Call Chief Chimney Services today at 631-863-2460 or schedule an inspection or consultation online today.

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HeatShield Ceramic Flue Sealant Can Save Your Fireplace and Home

A fireplace acts as a beautiful, sophisticated focal point in any home. It faithfully serves you every chilly New York winter, providing you with a source of heat and adding that special ambiance for holidays or get-togethers. In return, you lovingly address all of your fireplace’s maintenance needs on a regular basis by having professional chimney sweeps and inspections performed. Although regular maintenance can prevent many problems, it cannot always prevent everything. Specifically, if your inspector finds a hole or crack in the chimney lining or flue, this needs to be taken care of right away because it poses a serious safety hazard.

How is a Damaged Flue Dangerous?


Hearing from your inspector that your flue has suffered damage is not something any homeowner wants to hear. Oftentimes, people may brush the issue off as minor and forgo repairing the damage. Unfortunately, ignoring your damaged flue can have disastrous consequences.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, when an unlined chimney is used to vent a fire, the adjacent structural woodwork can catch fire within 3 ½ hours. When gases from the fire escape the flue through a hole or crack, or if no flue is present to begin with, the hot mixture of smoke, toxins and particularly embers will seep toward your house’s structure. After a certain amount of exposure to the emissions of the fire, the combustible materials in your home (wood, drywall, plaster) will catch on fire.

In addition, the gases that escape from your flue deteriorate the mortar of your chimney. This also allows gases to travel closer to your home and even enter your home. Dangerous smoke, containing carbon monoxide and the known carcinogen creosote, is not something that should be in your home. Also, as the mortar deteriorates so does the structural integrity of your masonry chimney. After extended exposure to smoke, the entire chimney structure could potentially collapse – dangerous and costly.

How Should I Fix My Flue?

Instead of replacing your entire chimney liner, which can be expensive, you have another, more affordable option to repair it. Even if the damage is extensive, the product called HeatShield Ceramic Flue Sealant can repair anything – from plugging small holes to resealing an entire flue.

Chief Chimney Services says that HeatShield has the durability of ceramic and cement, and the product comes with a 20 year warranty when it is installed by a certified technician. A blade customized to your chimney applies and smoothes the material to any damaged areas of your flue. The HeatShield company also requires a video inspection before and after the application to ensure the highest quality work.

Who Can Apply HeatShield Ceramic Flue Sealant?

Only certified technicians can apply HeatShield Ceramic Flue Sealant, because they are trained to properly assess the damage, apply the product and guarantee a long lasting seal. If you live in Suffolk County, New York or the surrounding area, call Chief Chimney Services for a professional consultation from HeatShield-certified technicians.

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