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We Sell Chief Chimney Collectibles

Not only do chimney sweeps often conjure images of Mary Poppins and a certain melody (“chim-chim-cheree”), but around the globeChief Chimney Collectibles Image - Suffolk NY - Chief Chimney chimney sweeps are thought to bring good luck. Not only is it good luck to shake the hand of a chimney sweep on the street, but it’s even considered good luck if you brush shoulders with one, rub the front buttons of his uniforms, or invite him to your wedding to shake the groom’s hand and kiss the bride! Today you can rent a chimney sweep for the day for your wedding or celebration, bringing a bit of extra luck and good cheer to the occasion. It is rumored that Prince Philip dashed out of Kensington Palace on his wedding day to shake the hand of a chimney sweep. You can even read a royal decree by King George stating that chimney sweeps bring good fortune for the marriage. No matter the occasion or festivity, it’s important that sweeps look the part.

Chief Chimney Collectibles

Because chimney sweeps in the United States have never had an official uniform across the industry, we have created one! Now our sweeps and others can attend weddings, graduations, fairs, banquets, and more when called, and they can do it in style.

The American chimney sweep uniform features the following:

-A black uniform jacket or shirt with gold American buttons and the nation’s flag on the left upper arm.

-Optional NCSG, CSIA, and/or state flags

-American Sweeps scarf/neckerchief

-American Sweeps buckle or optional NCSG/CSIA buckle

Because wedding season is typically warmer as well as fairs and festivals, we offer a short-sleeved uniform shirt as well as a long sleeved for use during the cool season. Because we are working people, we also offer work vests with multiple pockets and the American flag over the left chest. No matter what’s the occasion, your chimney sweeps can show up to local events in style. Visit our Chief Chimney Collectibles page now for inspiration and information.

Community Involvement and Good Luck

When chimney sweeps do not get involved in the community, not only does the community miss out on the luck of the chimney sweep, but the message of chimney safety not get out and circulated. It is our goal to spread awareness and offer services year-round and in whatever way possible so that residential fires can be prevented. Though we may have fun doing our jobs and spreading the luck, our top goal is safety, followed by customer comfort always. If you aren’t 100 percent certain that your chimney is in good shape for a fire this fall and winter, call us now. You might get lucky and we may only find minor problems or none at all, but ignoring the need for professional services is no option!

Help us spread the luck of the chimney sweep. Let your friends and neighbors know that Chief Chimney Services is serving Suffolk County, Long Island. We’ll service your chimneys, visit your schools for National Fire Prevention Week, we’ll even attend your weddings.

Call Chief Chimney Services at 631-863-2460 or schedule online today.

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