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The Buzz About Bellfires

Like Rumford fireplaces, Bellfires are designed for maximum heat efficiency and complete fuel burn. These fireplaces were designed using Count Rumford’s findings in the 1700s, in addition to intense testing and experiments conducted by Dr. Rosin in the 1900s. Compiling these findings, Bell of England began designing fireboxes and throats that provided maximum heat reflection and minimal smoke output.

The firebox in a Bellfire fireplace is shaped so that the hottest point is in the back. This point reflects heat back into the fire, where the fuel is burned completely. This point in the back of the fire also reflects heat back into the room, resulting in a greater output of heat and a more efficient use of fuel. Because of this complete burning of fuel, a Bellfire fireplace rarely if ever produces creosote. In fact, Bellfires burn fuel so completely that even smoke problems are virtually unheard of.

Today, Bellfires are constructed of pre-cast pieces which are factory designed according to Rumford and Rosin’s findings and Bell of England’s vision. The result is a much less labor-intensive installation with guaranteed, efficient results. Bellfires make use of ceramic, lined in foil, to protect nearby combustibles and redirect heat back into the fire itself. This results in complete fuel burn, meaning higher outputs of heat and virtually no air pollution. It also helps in fire prevention by containing the heat within the firebox. Bellfires also do not require as large of a flue as most other fireplaces, which significantly decreases draft and heat loss. When it comes to efficient, economically -wise and environmentally-friendly choices, it doesn’t get any better than a Bellfire.

Whatever style or size fireplace you are looking for, there is a Bellfire fireplace for you. Whether you are considering having a Bellfire installed in your new construction home, or are considering having a Bellfire installed into your existing masonry or metal firebox, Chief Chimney Services, Inc. can help. We have extensive experience in Bellfire installation, and guarantee all of our work.

Give Chief Chimney Services, Inc. a call today to discuss your Bellfire options. We will be happy to advise you and help guide you towards the right choice for your home. Have a historically-tested and efficiency-designed Bellfire fireplace installed today and start heating your home the smart and eco-friendly way! Click here to schedule an appointment online.


Regardless of the kind of fireplace you have, every chimney needs a chimney cap to protect against water, critters and unwanted debris in your fireplace system. Include a chimney cap in your chimney installation for your safety and health.

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I met Diane and Lauren from Chief Chimney Service at my house today and they impressed me right from the start. They showed up right on time and were very easy to talk to. As they started working they were very informative, showed me what they were seeing in the chimney and gave me some great tips on my fireplace. They did excellent work and were very honest in their assessment. The chimney connected to my oil burner clearly needed a new liner because we all could see the broken tiles that we falling out of it. The fireplace chimney only needed to be swept. They were very thorough checking everything from inside the house and on the roof. They really know the meaning of service which unfortunately seems rare these days. I highly recommend Diane and Lauren; they are dynamic mother and daughter duo!
~ Anthony Merolla, New Hyde Park, NY
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